Cannot specify series recording channel

Tablo app 1.4.0 (iOS and iPadOS) does allow me to specify the desired OTA channel which is source of the series content that I want to record. For example in my area Young Sheldon season 7 will be on WNCN, but older seasons are rebroadcast on WRAZ. There are no series recording options. On the FireTV and Roku apps, you can specify in this case only WNCN in the series recording options. Can this be added to the i(Pad)OS apps?


It is available if you select the SERIES INFORMATION button at the bottom of an airing details screen.

There you’ll see the RECORD OPTIONS button and you’ll be able to select that to see the basic and advanced recording options including setting a specific channel from which to record.

You are correct. It is in a different position on Roku and FireTV. Thanks.

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Yes, but it doesn’t stick - if you go back later it shows any even if you previously chose a certain one.

In my case when I go back to Series Information, the iPadOS app (1.4.0) crashes.

When I look with the Roku app (0.8 build 500), the channel filter is applied (looking at episodes set to record) but Series Recording Options shows All channels.

My FireStick Tablo app is in ‘fails to load’ purgatory today.

It seems that the Tablo apps continue to struggle and each update breaks as much as it fixes. The Tablo DVR OTA receiver and recording unit is so good (compared to my previous Channel Master Android TV OTA) but the apps are still of poor quality.