Cannot skip and fast forward any more on Android App Chromecast

Since the October 15 Update the skip and fast forward for recorded shows does not work any more with Chromecast. When I run the app without casting to the Chromecast stick it works fine. The moment I start to cast, begin and end times of the recorded show display as 00:00 in the app. If I pause, the correct time of the show displays on the TV shortly, but not on the app. If I then try to skip or fast forward, the show goes back to 00:00 and starts all over.

So it is impossible to play a recorded show and try to skip / fast forward. Casting works from the Chrome browser on the PC.

I was able to reproduce this problem on two different HTC M8 and a Nexus 9 tablet.

I’m having the same issue – have you found any cause yet? I am updated to Tablo v2.2.8.


You guys try rebooting Chromecast yet?

@renew There was also an update to the Tablo Android App to 1.0.25-616/3000275 several days ago. Worth checking in the settings view near the bottom of the view.

I just updated to 2.2.8 and have only used it for a brief 30 minute check. It seemed to be working. I did notice using the position slider that I had to leave my finger on the final target position a couple seconds.

I have a nexus 7 (Android 6.0) and chromecast 2. I also just run standard def.

Have done that numerous times …and I do have the latest Android app