Cannot remove subtitle


I cannot remove the subtitles with my iPad. Click or un-clicking the cc does not work.

I also tried the workaround clicking the cc whatever the state and restarting the video… It does not work.

Using iPad and AppleTV 3 via AirPlay

Thank you!


Which iPad? Air? Air 2?

What iOS is said iPad running? 9.2.1?

Pad (4th generation) with latest IOS (9.2.1)

I’m having trouble with subtitles as well. Only, I can’t turn mine on. At all. The toggle button no longer works. I’m using iPad mini 4 running iOS 9.2.1. Help!

Hi folks - We know this is an issue but unfortunately it’s on the iOS side. We’re hoping for a resolution soon.

Hi there a workaround? I’m stuck with subtitle on at all time

The only workaround seems to be killing the Airplay stream, restarting it, toggling CC then restarting playback but this doesn’t work 100% of the time.