Cannot record SF Bay area KQED

Beginning around mid-December 2017 my 4 tuner Tablo DVR could no longer receive or record programs broadcast by KQED, channel 9-1. Exactly the same problem also afflicted my friend’s 4 tuner Tablo DVR. I batted this around with Tablo support and they eventually said

“Unfortunately, we discovered the broadcaster responsible for channels 9.1 and 9.2 is sending some corrupt data in their streams. They’re marking these channels as 1080 video, while they’re in fact just 480 video ‘inside’ of a 1080 letterbox. We believe this could be the reason the Tablo cannot play or record this channel. Unfortunately, we cannot work around this at this time.”

Are Joe and I the only two Tablo users in the Bay area who record public television KQED? If this is affecting you, please drop a line to KQED Thanks!

You could ask KQED to check with KLRU for the settings. They have 18-1 as 1080, 18-2, 18-3, and 18-4 marked as 480. It is PBS in Austin, TX.

My mom lives in South San Jose and receives the following on her Tablo:
54-1 KQED+
54-2 KQED

Can you receive channels 54-1, and 54-2?

I live just north of Salinas and receive the following on my Tablo:
25-1 KQET (KQED)
25-2 KQED+

Alas, my antenna does not point at channel 54, the old KQEH out of San Jose

Same here, 9-* and 54-* don’t work. The 60 channels do. For me the last day a recording
worked was 12/12 and the first day it didn’t was 12/16.

They were originally planning to deactivate a south bay transmitter on 12/15 but put it
off until 1/17/2018, I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence.

The tablo still shows those channels with 5 green dots in the channel line-up.
I’ve tried re-scanning and adding and removing them.

These are the only channels I actually record so the tablo has been basically useless.
Good thing I haven’t subscribed at least.

The KQED transmission is moving from Monument Peak to Mount Sutro, which is approximately 38 miles further NW.
Will the new tranmission location make it better or worse for you guys?

Ugh, the transmission will move from 16 miles to 50 miles from my mom’s house.
I know my mom won’t be able to receive the signal after the move.

As of two days ago, KQED notified me that the issue was fixed. After making the Tablo rescan the channels I could in fact view and record channel 9-1. Joe reported the same success with channels 9 and 54. I just now verified that I continue to receive channel 9.