Cannot record Les Feldick Bible Study

HI folks,
I bought a two tuner Tablo for one major purpose: to record my wife’s bible study with Les Feldick so she doesn’t have to get up at 6 AM to watch. Damn thing will record other shows but not this one. The Tablo is 20 feet from the router. Get good antenna signal, can see flawless TV picture on each of 4 TV in the house. Only rarely does Tablo drop connection… maybe every two weeks. This is a daily show and never ever recorded in over year. Have recorded lots of other shows. Don’t watch any of them so cannot tell if others are missing recording. Will cancel subscription to directory if I cannot find a fix. Don’t recall having updated for a long time if I have to initiate that manually. Thanks.

Can you record other shows on that channel?

Have you tried a manual recording?

Without being able to see what you’re doing…

I assume you’re trying to record from the Guide, rather than a manual recording. Could it be that you’ve got the recording set to record only new episodes?

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If you are already up at 6AM, you would think, as a test, you could go into the Live TV grid, select/click on the program and when it asks watch or record select record.

It should then start making a recording.

Thanks for the replies, FlyingDriver, JackPardee and zippy,
I am not sure I know what a manual recording is. My recollection is that I searched for the title using the AMZ Fire HD stick tediously entering the title with letters, hit search. Tablo brought up the Icon for the program, I pointed, clicked, and clicked on record all. One or two of them recorded months ago, but not all of them. I will now go and try manually finding the program on the guide, click on, and record. Will select “all”. I will also choose another program on same channel, select from the guide and record. See what I get. Also good idea to get up at 6 AM and try the same drill. I appreciate the help. Paul

Hi @shovel99 Sorry you’re having an issue with this.

Can you head over to the web app at and check on a few things:

  • Storage (do you have space available on your drive? is auto delete enabled?)
  • Guide Status (when was your guide last updated?)
  • What firmware are you running (listed under About - Tablo Device)?

And here are the instructions for a manual recording:

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Hi FD,
Great suggestion! When I moved the cursor forward to the program listing a day ahead and clicked on it, chose record, and then cursored down and clicked on recording each one for a period of two weeks out, the system has recorded them! SUCCESS! THANKS. The curious thing is that after it had recorded two days’ forth, two programs, the icon in Recordings only showed one recorded??? But when I clicked on that icon, both (2) recordings showed up! I can live with that. Thanks again. Paul