Cannot receive any UHF channels

I receive all VHF channels with NO problem. I cannot receive a single UHF channel.

I have a mounted in my attic.

The antenna company is telling me it is tablo but I don’t see any option to skip UHF channels.

Any ideas?

Do you receive the UHF channels if you connect the antenna cable directly to your TV? has good data on what you can/should receive and potential signal strengths. Can you go there and post a link here on here of what they say?

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Interesting. It doesn’t show WTOG available at all but I tried addresses all over Tampa and it never showed. It does show available on other sites though which has me confused.

Faulty balun?

I guess any site is subject to errors and omissions. :wink: Might want to ask at the TVFool forums about that.

As for the other question - how many UHF channels does your TV pick up if the antenna is connected directly to the TV? That’s always a litmus test for knowing what channels you’ll have

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Not all antennas have the receiver bits to pick up the uhf signals, mate. What model of antenna are you using?

It’s in the first post in the thread.

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TVFools’s issues started near the end of October. A new database was brought in that doesn’t account for any station that has a new CP to account for post-repack allocations. There are other issues since October, as well, but the above accounts for the bulk of the areas. The owner has been emailed and posts have been made - however no acknowledgement has been ever made of the problem. Other sites are now a more accurate source than TVFool when accounting for repack stations.

Please share those sites, so we can get the most accurate data? Thanks!

I prefer rabbitears - but it’s not built for mass usage. There is also the OTADTV, which gives signal strength. FCCData is a good resource, also.

Thanks all for the help. It turns out some channels I am getting are UHF but I am still a little confused by that. Evidently, it is the WTOG signal that is broadcast in such a way that where my home is located, I cannot get the signal due to other houses despite getting essentially every other channel. Frustrating but such is the life of cord cutting.

Buildings, hills, trees, weather ALL affect TV signals.