Cannot play recorded surround sound video on Roku

I constantly receive this message when I try to play a recorded video on Roku “Your Roku is reporting that it cannot play this Surround Sound video. Visit for more information”. I set surround sound to OFF but still see this message. Turn off the Tablo and reboot does not fix the problem. I went to and follow the instruction but it doesn’t work either. The web site asks me to perform factory-reset my Roku device. Is it 100% sure?

Which Roku model do you have? I believe some of the older models don’t support surround sound. I believe my Roku 2 doesn’t support it but my Roku Ultra does.

I have the Roku Ultra. It happens when I click on Watch Next in the recording section. It seems to go away when I select randomly another episode. Not sure it is a bug but if I take the recommenation on the Tablo website seriously, I would go through troubl to reset Roku back to manufacture settings. :smiley:

@Mometasone - Sometimes we find that the Roku device reports incorrect information on its surround sound capabilities back to the Tablo app. The only way to clear that information and hopefully get the correct information (since your Roku Ultra indeed can decode surround sound) is to do a factory reset of the Roku device.

The nice thing about Roku is that as soon as you log in with your Roku account, all of your apps and settings will automatically be re-set up.