Cannot get past postal code in setup

New Tablo user here. Out of the box the unit asked me to upgrade so I did. Then continued with setup and any postal code I entered doesn’t work including trying Toronto postal codes even though I am in Maryland. I’ve tried about 40 postal zip codes for Maryland and DC. Anyone have any suggestions? I have done the typical reset and factory reset actions and still no luck. Yes my internet is working, I was able to download the update so I know I have connectivity to Tablo and other devices can connect fine. I have tried the Android and the PC browser app and both give the same result.

Also should have added that I’ve tried using the location option instead of the postal code and it doesn’t work on both the Android and the PC.

No idea as I never had that problem. Suggest you give TabloSupport a call tomorrow, they are in the eastern time zone, same as you.

I took it to work this morning to try on a different network. During that process I also again did a factory reset (holding reset button for 30 s). When I got to postal code, “Use my location” didn’t work, but I was able to lookup my zip code and move past to channel scanning,

I’m not sure whether the different network (which uses a different set of IPs) helped or it was the factory reset. Wondering if maybe there was a Tablo issue on their backend with the zip code lookups last night.

Verizon FIOS at home and Verizon DSL at work, so I guess I can’t blame this on Verizon trying to keep me from cutting the cord…

(Sorry for the multiple posts, just trying to capture all the details in case someone else has this issue in the future.)

One more note. Today, after the factory reset attempt I was prompted to upgrade to 2.2.8. I chose “Later” this time. So maybe upgrading to 2.2.8 before doing the initial setup may have been an issue. Out of the box firmware is 2.2.6,

Last night, I never saw that upgrade prompt after the first initial one right out of the box. That would seem to indicate that my attempt at a factory reset last night never really worked.

After the 2.2.2 firmware release, at least for both the Roku and the WEB apps, it doesn’t matter if you selected “later” in the WEB app. I know these two apps will bitch every time you connect that new firmware is available. And if you select “later” the upgrade button does appear on the settings page.

Of course this allows someone else to accidentally upgrade on app connect when the originally selection was defer.

Sounds like you want “Later” to mean never ask again. That does raise the issue that someone incompetent chooses “Later” because they have no idea what to do and then never gets any updates.

Better would be for “Later” to mean don’t ask me again for 30 days, or don’t ask me again until the next new version is available.

You must be a new user. Before the 2.2.x firmware, once you deferred update in the WEB app it never prompted you for update on each subsequent connect. And it never reminded you on a Roku app connect.

Why have a update button appear on the setting page once you defer if on every WEB and Roku connect you have to continually respond. This also allows spouses or children to accidentally update the firmware.