Cannot get past connecting

Hello! new user here and excited to use my device… just cant get it to connect…
any thoughts?
it’s a 2 tuner, using wifi (tried it with ethernet, no lights on port but the device is on the network). I can see the device inside the app, when I click on it it says connecting, but never goes past this. rebooting, factory reset, total power down, all with the same result.


Did you log in to the Tablo__XXX network through your app to get it set up the first time?

yes I did. it’s crazy, not been able to get any farther than formatting the hard drive. it never gets past that, now I can’t get to there

  1. Try factory resetting the Tablo again, to do this you must hold down the blue button on the back for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Try using the Wired connection again, it should work.
  3. Last resort is to open a Support Ticket on the Tablo website, or call Tablo tomorrow.