Cannot format hard drive

Hi all,

Just bought a Tablo 2 tuner and I am trying to format my hard drive. It does recognize the drive and it does say that it needs to be formatted. However, when I try to format, I get to the screen that tells me I need to type FORMAT to format the drive. I press OK, a dialog box pops up and the keyboard briefly pops up and disappears before ever allowing me to type anything. I’ve rebooted, uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it keeps happening over and over.

This is on a fully updated nVidia Shield.

I would format the drive on a PC, but Im not clear on what the supported file system(s) is. Any ideas?

You can’t format the drive on a PC - it uses a Linux filesystem. Your best bet is to use a mobile app on your phone to set the Tablo up.

I think that I made the same mistake. Try typing FORMAT before you hit ok. I think Ok button is misleading. The descrption should say, “Type FORMAT and then press OK”. The whole setup process is a vague memory. I may have had to reset the Tablo to get this to happen. Try contacting Tablo support if someone does not respond with better instructions. This was the only glitch in the whole setup process. I should have followed the instructions and not assumed.

Can you try going to on your PC? This is the Tablo webapp. As long as you’ve got your drive attached to the Tablo, the app should detect it and walk you through the format. Let us know how this goes!

Thanks everyone. That was a “damn I’m stupid” moment. Fired up the tablo app and was able to get the job done. Probably would have had the same success going to the URL tablo support provided. Always more than one way to get things done…