Cannot Fast Forward or Rewind on Fire TV

When I watch my recordings I can not fast forward or rewind. I can pause and play just fine. It worked before but now it will not work and I have tried a couple different recordings.

I am fairly new to the Tablo and it seems a little glitchy and the connectivity issues are a bit annoying but I am trying to get it worked out. I really want to love this thing.

Are these completed recordings? Or recordings in progress?

Do you have the dual tuner or quad tuner Tablo?

I have a Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and I can FF and RW recordings and Live TV.

these are full recordings. It is a dual tuner. It did it last night on my Fire TV Stick also. I was able to fast forward and rewind through the first two commercial breaks and then no more. I haven’t tried it on Live TV.

Have you tried power cycling (aka rebooting/restarting) the Fire TV and Tablo?

yup. i did a complete reboot of the Tablo (unplug and plug back in because the thing would not connect to any of my devices in the house) and a restart of the Fire TV.

Have you tried it again today and you still can’t FF?

it seems to be working fine at the moment but this has happened multiple times on two different devices. Last night I watched a recorded show on the Fire TV and i could not do anything with it but play and pause through out the entire show. I watch the next episode on the Fire Stick and it worked for a little bit of the episode. I have three things recorded and i could FF and RW all of them today for the short amount of time I watched them. It just seems strange that it would just stop working all of a sudden.

That does seem strange. If this happens again contact us right away so that we can check things out.

it is currently doing this right now on my Fire Stick on live TV. I sent a service ticket.

This has progressively got worse. Now I might get one commercial break that I can fast forward through but for the most part the fast forward and rewind had become non-existent on both my fire TV and fire stick)s (recorded shows. I have not really tried it much on Live TV). I sent a service ticket and I heard absolutely zero back from Tablo on it. Maybe it is the HDD I bought. It is a My Passport Ultra. 1TB I believe. I am running the latest Tablo firmware that was pushed to it a couple weeks ago or so. It seems to have got worse when the new Firmeware from a couple months ago.

Factory reset your Fire TV, and then install the app from new. FF works great here.

What firmware is your Tablo?

if it was only on my Fire TV I would think that it was the fire TV but it does it on my Fire Sticks as well. Firmware is 2.2.6

i will try to uninstall/reinstall the app first before i factory reset.

Or as an intermediate step, if you haven’t already, delete the existing Tablo app, reboot the Fire TV and re-install. Worth a try before a full factory reset. Although the fact your seeing this problem on two different Fire TV devices would lead me to look at other issues going on, either HD or needing to factory reset your Tablo.

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just seems strange that when i watch on my iphone I have absolutely zero issues with FFW. Even on remote watch it works fine.

Totally agree with you. At one point I had problems with my Fire TV and Tablo (honestly don’t remember the specific issue) but factory resetting the Fire TV did fix the problem.
The pecular thing with your situation is that your having it on two separate devices. Could both need factory resetting? Possible, but just seems so unlikely - Occam’s Razor and all…

If I was having your problem, I’d bite the bullet and reset one of them and see what the result is. If it fixes the problem, great, if not, it is a positive diagnostic step and at least you know the trouble lies elsewhere in the system.

I removed it form my fireTV, did a reboot and reinstalled. I will try that tonight and see how it works. Thanks all for your responses. I don’t really want to do a factory reset but I guess it is not that big of a deal.

Best of luck…Hope that is all that you need to do!

Worked great on my Fire TV last night. I was able to FFW through two whole hour long shows. I think that is a first since I got the Tablo. Hopefully that was it and I will do that to my Fire Stick also. Thanks for the help!

All i did was uninstall the app, reboot an reinstall. I did not go to factory defaults.

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Glad to hear the intermediate step worked for you.