Cannot exit or minimize Windows 10 App

When I run the Windows 10 App (v1.99) it launches full screen with no buttons on top to minimize or exit the app. The only way to exit the App is to launch Task Manager and kill it.
Occasionally if I move my mouse around near the top right corner of the screen the appropriate menu shows up (to exit the program) but usually it does not. I have no idea what conditions cause it to show up or not.

I am running on an HP laptop with two external monitors.
Does anyone know how to solve this?

Very strange. I have it on my PC and can move it back and forth between two displays, going in and out of full screen and windowed screen. All the options are there.

Worst case may be to uninstall it and re-install the app.

What happen if you move the app to another monitor? Do you see the same thing?

Since it opens full screen, I can’t actually move it. Only use it in that mode.

I followed your suggestion – removed the App then downloaded and installed it new. This seems to be working fine. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Glad that helped!