Cannot connect to Tablo

The other day my Tablo quit connecting to all devices and apps. I noticed the blue light was not working. My tablo is wired not wireless. So tried to reset tablo and nothing happened. Light stayed off no flashing lights or anything, the hard drive light was on and not flashing by the way. The lights on ethernet connection are showing yellow on one side and green on the other where it hooks into tablo and on router showing green like all the rest. So then I unplugged and plugged back in and the start up was like usual the blue light flashes rapidly then slows down went to solid hard drive is recognized and then blue light is out again and can’t connect. Tried to the reset button no go. So now I power off and on my cable modem router and then the tablo as well. Alright all looks to be working well lights flashing fast slow down hard drive recognized and blue light stays on now. Start up web tablo app can’t find tablo my roku and firestick can’t find roku. Roku is on ethernet and firestick is wifi. So then I pull ehternet cable from tablo and hook it to my laptop to make sure its not the cable and its not cable but just for the heck of it I change ports on router just incase it might be the cable and the cable works fine and the port change makes no difference on router the device I changed it to works fine. Im thinking I have to do a factory reset but don’t want to lose my recordings and settings so if anyone can offer some advice it would be much appreciated.