Cannot connect to Nvidia Shield TV

I have used the 2-tuner Tablo OTA DVR for a couple years. I just got rid of a cheap Chinese android box (which connected to the Tablo just fine), and installed an Nvidia Shield.

It will NOT see the Tablo, even though they are on the same network.

I have reset the Tablo, reset the modem/router. Cannot get the Nvidia to see that there is a Tablo there.

I also have an Apple TV connected to that TV, so we can watch OTA broadcasts and recordings, but it is problematic. I can see the Tablo from computers on the home network, and from my phone and iPad.

Can anyone help me?

@dfishocc Are you using the right Tablo app? If you’re using Tablo ENGINE, that is not the correct app. You’ll need to download the Tablo app for Android TV on the Shield for use with the hardware Tablo DVRs.

If that’s not the issue, don’t hesitate to drop a line to our support gurus. I’m sure they’ll be able to get things sorted out for you: