Cannot connect/Reboot

For the first time my Tablo 4-tuner locked up last night. No device could connect (Roku, Web, Android). Hitting the reset button got it back and working. It had run continually with no problems for just over a month on the previous firmware. I’ve been on the new firmware since it was released.

I doubt it is heat related. The Tablo is in my basement which is a fairly consistant 58 degrees. The Tablo only feels slightly warm.

There are for sure “issues” that need addressing (no pun intended) in the latest update.  I was cruising just fine until I did the update.  Cost me about a month of recordings.  I did get them backup, but too much trouble to string the TS files together and move them to my PLEX server though.  I actually though before buying this Tablo there would be a feature all ready in place to do such a thing simply.  Oh well, still hoping someone comes up with a simple way to do this, even if only manually.  I can do it, but “It ain’t simple, stupid”, HA!  A line from someplace, don’t remember where.


It did this 2 more times over the weekend. These times it came back and started responding before I walked downstairs to reset. Total time in the unresponsive state was 3-5 minutes. One of the times it was recording a show during the time it was unresponsive. The program was cut into 3 pieces. The first and last piece were fine, the middle piece was labeled week signal.

Once again this did not happen on the previous firmware.

@nicholb The split up recording is telling - it sounds like the Tablo could be rebooting. If you haven’t already, feel free to send us a ticket and we can take a look.