Canadian Apple TV (or Roku), does it have Amazon Prime Video?

I’m currently a Roku user but there are two streaming services available in Canada that I am considering. Neither have available channels on the Roku (in Canada). The channels are CraveTV and Amazon Prime Video.

I believe I can get CraveTV on the Apple TV but not the Roku. Can anyone confirm?

I understand Amazon Prime Video is available on both Apple TV and Roku in the USA but what about Canada?

On the off chance that AppleTV is missing something I regularly use on the Roku, these are the channels I regularly use:

  • Plex
  • Netflix
  • Tablo
  • Crackle
  • Weather Underground
  • Youtube

I’m not sure it is actually worth spending $200 for the Apple TV just so I can pay for 2 more streaming services, but it would be nice to know if I can actually get those two services.

Amazon Prime video is suppose to come out soon on the ATV.

I use both system at my house, have an ATV4 and a Roku Premiere +, and I’m canadian too.

Roku in Canada is a huge let down if you ask me. It seems like all the cool apps are out in the US, but nowhere to be found in Canada.

I’m just waiting for the new ATV5 to be announced next week to preorder it and get rid of my Roku. There’s no apps on the Roku that I use that I can’t get on the ATV, and the opposite isn’t true, as you mentionned CraveTV, Sportsnet, CNN and so on.

Not to mention Siri, the remote that can control the TV volume, being able to switch between apps without closing them. Roku is a ok system but is far behind ATV if you ask me. However, I might be bias since I’m pretty sold to Apple already.

Please let me know when it actually shows up on the ATV.

I’m starting to feel that way too. At first it was something beyond Roku’s control (Hulu doesn’t exist in Canada for instance). But now I’m seeing Canadian specific (CraveTV) and expansion of US services into Canada (Amazon Prime video) but still no Roku apps.

I don’t care about Siri (but that’s just me), I turned it off on my iPad and iPhone. I can control the volume on my TV with my Roku remote on the Premiere at least for everything streaming through the Roku.

Given that the entry level ATV is more than twice what I paid for my Roku Premiere (on sale). I’m in no rush to switch but having 2 services I would like is a strong motivator when TV is in summer reruns next year.

I’d bet dollars to :doughnut: that Bell hasn’t made a Crave TV app for Roku because they don’t really want to encourage cord cutting, and to encourage people to use Apple devices because they have a relationship with them because of their mobile division. Same kind of thing with Amazon… They have their own device they want to pimp and will probably not do a Roku app till they’re able to launch the Fire TV in Canada.