Canada OTT is newest

Alt TV like the alt right is a joke, it’s not true OTT, you need to be a Bell internet customer AND have an unlimited internet package with them, which is about $100 per month after taxes (only for the internet, this is before the cost of streaming service).

No DVR? That’s the deal breaker. Not the unlimited internet part in my opinion since I have that anyways.

Yep… Check out this ‘feature sheet’…

This product is solely designed to allow them to answer questions from investors and board members about how they’re combating cord cutting while continuing to protect their antiquated business model.

Unfortunately there is little leeway in Canada for startups to compete against Bell, Rogers & Shaw and this is a prime example.

They actually shut down another Canadian company attempting to do this earlier this year. And now they’re offering basically the same concept.


Bell Fibe TV isn’t OTT. It is Bell Canada’s version of cable. It is IP based and uses fiber-optic technology and like cable can be cable TV and cable Internet you can get fibre Internet access from Bell and Fibe TV from them but you can have one without the other.

the $99.85 per month (before taxes) is a bundle offer of basic cable (over fiberoptic), PVR (that you can’t copy anything off and auto-deletes after a bell-defined period of time), 25Mbps Internet access, and a basic home phone. You can also buy all three separately (according to bell separately they would cost you about $115.00 per month).

I agree, Bell ,Rogers and Shaw are all a joke. Profit margins are massive, just ripping off customers.

For Canadian OTT (as in OTT services from Canada in Canada), the only one I know of that actually exists is (which is run by Bell). It is designed to compete with Netflix but mostly does so by taking advantage of the duopoly that exists in Canada for TV. Bell owns enough of the content providers in Canada that they can effectively prevent Netflix from being able to get that content for distribution in Canada.

Rogers & Shaw did attempt this with ShowMi but they shut it down. More accurately, when Shaw got bought out by Chorus Entertainment bought Shaw, they shut it down.

Since there is no Cravetv app on Roku, I’ve never tried it.

And until recently Crave TV was only available to Bell TV customers. If they had their way, OTA wouldn’t exist.

Yep. We can thank the CRTC for forcing Crave TV to be available without a bell tv subscription. Oddly, It looks like Bell’s solution was to offer “Alt TV” but only to Bell Fibre Internet customers. Isn’t that sort of the same thing?

At least Bell didn’t do what Rogers/Shaw did and shut down the service instead of opening it up.

you’re not missing out on much. I’ve had access to Crave TV for a few months now and barely ever watch it. It’s a bunch of old showtime and HBO shows and the app is lackluster on ATV.

It’s impressive how bad Bell, Videotron and Rogers are in both hardware and the software they develop, it’s a relief to not be one of their slaves (thanks to Tablo) but yes, the CRTC is definetly making it easy for them to keep ripping people off with bad products and services.

@jayeffgee Have been considering signing up myself if only to watch Letterkenny which the rest of the HQ team loves.