Can you run ethernet and wifi ether or?

Hi Tablo, My question is, Ethernet is suppose to be faster then WiFi. If I use Ethernet plugged into the Tablo unit,will it still connect up to the devices I use (Roku, Adroid, Cromecast…) Via WiFi or will they have to be Ethernet also?

ROKUS and other streaming devices can use WiFi.

If problems occur, try switching the streaming devices’ WiFi from 2.4ghz to the 5ghz band.

( Chas )

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If problems with 5ghz, switch streaming devices to ethernet (if possible)!

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My Tablo is connected to Ethernet, and my Roku devices are connected to my same network on wi-fi, and I have no issues. Works great.

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Thanks Ikahhan

WiFi or wired makes no difference in how clients can connect to the Tablo. The clients will be connecting to your network and using that to get to the Tablo. For performance reasons wired is better than WiFi. You can run into buffering issues with some older or under powered WiFi routers.

Best config is Tablo wired and set top boxes wired.

OK config is Tablo wired and set top boxes WiFi.

If both are WiFi you are likely going to have to reduce recording quality.

OK, Thanks people, Mark