Can you force some tuners to stay on a channel?

It takes quite a bit of time when tuning to a station so I was wondering if there is a way to force a couple of my tuners to always be on the main channels I watch live. I know supposedly it stays on a channel after watching it, but I have a feeling maybe the Tablo grabs that tuner instead when it has something to record. Is there some kind of work around to do this?

I guess the other option is recording those channels almost all of the time, but with the having to delete things individually that is kind of a pain.


There is one way to do it if you have the right setup. If you leave a Roku on the Tablo app, and you have that Roku tuned to a channel for live tv, it will never time out and always stay on that channel. So if you had two Rokus in your home tuned to your favorite two channels, those two channels will always be immediately available.

It’s not a great solution, and people tend to use their Rokus for other apps other than the Tablo 24x7. But if you really don’t want to wait 12-20 seconds to tune to a channel, this is a way to do it.

Note: the Roku will lose it’s channel if it is needed by another device. The Tablo handles channel assignment in FIFO (first in - first out) mode. So my solution likely would not work well as a long term solution.