Can watch recorded shows, but nothing else is working

This is happening with a Roku app, a Google TV app, and an IOS app, although the issue manifests a little differently on each. On the Roku, it never gets to the main screen, just acts like it is trying to connect. On Google TV, It will go to the main screen, but I get an Unknown Error when trying to go to Home or Live. I do have access to the Library. On IOS, I have access to the library, but anything else spins like it is trying to connect. I know my home network and internet connection are good; everything else works. I have tried both a reset and cycling power, letting it sit unplugged for several minutes. I’m on firmware 2.2.50. Anybody else seeing this?

I think there is an issue with Tablo servers. I have rebooted my entire network and there are connection errors popping up all around. Failed to load for: Live TV, Home as well as setting occasionally.

I’ve also rebooted both 4th gen Tablos.

Looking at settings, it’s doing a guide update and it seems to be stuck at 5%.

Edit: 4 min later and I’m at 7% now. So, something’s off.

You may be right. That seems to explain my symptoms.

Same here. Roku and Apple TV beta sits
at “getting the latest free shows and movies…” with the progress bar continuously running across. On iPhone app I can watch recordings from library and watch live TV, but Home Screen says “Failed to load. A network error occurred.”
Everything points to a problem with Tablo servers. Sure would be nice if streaming boxes ignored Tablo server problems and allowed live and library if local network is fine, just like iOS app.

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Last time they went down, they went down HARD. We couldn’t even get INTO our Tablos. Looks like they’ve made a few modifications to at least let us into them on some devices.

But it would be nice if there was someone we could reach out to “after hours” to look into this.

Same here, 4th Gen apps wouldn’t load/hung loading home page during app startup on Roku and iPhone. Rebooted EVERYTHING no change, probably 20 minutes later app works on both platforms.

Glad it’s not just me as today is literally the day I cut the cord and went internet only with my cable provider. I was starting to think bad thoughts about that decision:)

I can only imagine the mix of sweat dripping down your temple and spittle from all the loud swearing this might have caused!

Looks like the app is quite a bit more responsive now. Hope yours has also improved.

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Exactly! Why should their server issues cause the device to be nearly useless? If there is current guide data downloaded, the device should allow me to still watch and record TV. This is concerning.

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OK I had the same issue today did a hard reset of my 4th gen a d is working but lost all my recordings a d schedule

I had the same issue tonight on the android app. Certainly seems like the device is designed in a way where it won’t work if it can’t phone home to their servers. This is similar to it not working when the Internet is out.

Had the same issue last night, but seems to be resolved now

Did we have a server outage from Tablo? @TabloTV

I had the same issue, but looked like it came back about 9:30-10PM EST.

If so, I think there should be a fail safe option where the Tablo can reach live TV (at minimum) if it fails to connect to Tablo’s Servers.

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We did indeed have a brief outage between 8 - 9 p.m. ET last night as we were upgrading some of our servers.

Everything should be back to normal now.


You upgraded things during Prime Time television? That seems like a petty poor choice.


Was any communication sent out about this?

Being in IT myself I understand the ideal is zero down time to end users, but we have always erred on the side of caution and communicated out down time is unlikely but possible for any upgrades we do. That probably would have prevented at least some of the further questions/frustration.


This was not planned and the upgrades that were done should not have caused any issues or outages. Unfortunately, the changes did but we were able to get things resolved fairly quickly.

All planned maintenance is scheduled for outside of prime TV viewing hours and we will always do our best to warn folks in advance.

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Planned outages should be announced ahead of time in the app(s).

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Using what functionality?

Good question.

Better question:
The page that Tablo has directed us to to make sure our 4th gens are up and and running properly ( reflected ZERO issues with Tablo servers.

I would settle for anything letting me know that something is not working right on their end.


As I understand it the Tablo device communicates with the Tablo servers. If the various apps had the capability to receive a “notification message/alert” from those servers, then that could be displayed on the home page of the app.

I know this functionality doesn’t exist today, but everything has to start with the idea - especially in this case where the Gen4 devices are impacted when the Tablo servers are down.

Most folks don’t frequent this forum, so what better place to alert them to upcoming outages than the app that will be affected?

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