Can this impressive little device do the impossible?

No, it can not make you breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been wanting to cut the cord since last summer but ultimately needed a wife friendly solution.  The tablo is the first device I have tried and so far I give it an A+ rating.

I am a good test subject as I have an appletv, roku, ipad, iphone5s, laptop and desktop.  Each of these devices allows me to diagnose and detect problems easier than most.  The following is a review of each of the devices so far.


The appletv does not actually have a native app to display content.  You have to stream content from either an Iphone or iPad using Airplay over a wireless network.


The ipad has a native app to watch tablo content or you can use  Each work relatively well and I am impressed with the performance.


The iphone does not have a native app, even though it should.  One must use the website.  The website works exceptionally well with two initial errors.  First, in order to select live television you have to press the channel number as opposed to the show title, and two, the menu bar has a text error.  Regardless, the website streams content well.


So far each has performed very well using the website.  Whether using wifi or a wired network, the stream is good and the shows rarely skip.


The Roku, so far, has had the worst performance.  Accessing recorded shows has been relatively painless with very little skipping, but live tv is a completely different story.  I was unable to watch a live show on the roku without it skipping but streaming recorded content worked flawlessly.  Please fix this issue.


Despite only having the Tablo for a few days I can already say I am very impressed and would recommend this product to almost anyone.  There are, however, a few issues that I hope will be resolved.

First and foremost, the tablo is touted as being able to stream live tv, but in my opinion that is far from the case.  The reason I say this is because the tablo is unable to sync content over multiple devices.  I tried to sync the roku, ipad, iphone and appletv on wifi, wired and LTE networks and was unsuccessful in each attempt.  Accordingly I am not be able to sync, for instance, both TVs on my first floor to watch the world cup matches like I would otherwise be able to do with two cable boxes.

Second, the tablo should be able to access prerecorded content from a NAS or network drive.  Although I love being able to stream prerecorded content via Plex it would be very nice to use one device to stream both live and prerecorded content.

So far the tablo has done most of what I asked it and more.  I appreciate Nuyyo’s efforts to create the device that we all want with all of the features we all need.  Hopefully the tablo can be that device.  It is surely on the right path.

that took 50 tries

On the Roku, I (now) use the Tablo channel to watch TV shows and I use the My Media channel to watch video files on my media server (I used to use the Roksbox channel for that, and I might go back to it).

Yeah plex work great to stream prerecorded content, you just have to run their streaming app

Plex is excessively complicated and makes sorting and finding your videos very difficult. My Media and Roksbox are much easier to use. Now that I have the Tablo I’ll be deleting Plex.

I always found roksbox to be clunky. Never tried my media. The reason I like plex is because I can stream any content I have prerecorded to any appletv using the plex app. That’s 1000s of movies and shows on demand at your house, presuming you have an appletv.

Ah, I see how you might prefer Plex, then. I don’t use AppleTV, myself.

I use Plex off of a dedicated server.  Send to every device in my house.  Fantastic smooth experience…