Can the hard drive be shared with a second Tablo?

If my friend has the same model of Tablo (4 tuner) as mine, is it possible for us to exchange hard drives and watch each other’s recorded shows on our own Tablo? If so, will there be any side effect if we continue to use the exchanged drive to record shows under our own Tablo (i.e. continue to use the drive as is on our Tablo)?

The database of what is recorded is currently stored on the Tablo, I think.@TabloTV will correct if I’m wrong. It would be a nice feature to add, so the database of everything recorded be stored on the hard drive, especially now that we are able to use any size.

Unfortunately no. The database maintaining the recordings list is on the Tablo itself.

You two could swamp Tablos and HDDs :wink:

“The database maintaining the recordings list is on the Tablo itself.”

Which I believe will show to be hitch in the giddyup when this all gets sorted out. Since the database is spread out on both the Tablo itself and the HD, I can see timing issues that must be dealt with in real time. Calls made through the drive interface must co-exist with data-streaming, which must have almost unbridled access into and out of the network and perhaps to some degree the internet. Latency issues have to disrupt the clean flow of this data which will force throttling of the data stream being processed for content when they are sever enough. If this happens with greater frequency then has been allowed for in tablo’s code, dropped or misplaced data will result. Tablo will use whatever algorithms assigned to handle this, but is it even possible to do this effectively with so many variables to deal with in real time? If all the tablo has to do is deal with issues within the tablo device itself, it’s tuners and the incoming OTA signals, and user interface, it think it should be quite manageable. But when it has to interface with with outside devices, the network and even the internet, then so much is dependent on conflict clean communications and minimal timing issues, it is hard to imagine how it is able to juggle all of it well enough to not make mistakes. If those mistakes are only dealing with real time playback, that’s one thing, but if they effect the database content in anyway, there has to be lasting repercussions, ones that are not being dealt with effectively. It’s the build-up of these repercussions over time that is killing tablo’s ability to perform properly in so many diverse areas. A corrupted database is the worse thing that can happen always, as anything can go wrong, and usually will.


Thanks everyone for the response. I didn’t think it will work too but just wanted to confirm :smile: