Can the blue light on the Tablo be turned off?

We get the best reception from the bedroom window, but the blue light is too bright. Can it be dimmed or turned off?

Under the Settings page, you can uncheck the LED setting

Also, make sure you click “Save”.   I unchecked it and was wondering why the LED wasn’t going off.  :-)

Ah, I didn’t save when I tried that. Now it’s off. Thanks for your help!

I was going to ask about that. Thanks!

Cover LED light with black tape. To see it or check remove small piece of electrical tape.Sort of like covering up your check engine light:out of sight out of mind.

@jabby, why did you bring up a year-old thread where the issue had been resolved?

For fun I assume lol

To let people know that Duct Tape solves this problem as well.


In the Fire TV Stick App, there is no “save” button. Checking or unchecking the “LED” box seems to instantly change the state of the LED.