Can Tablo stream to multiple devices simultaneously?

I’ve lived overseas for 7 years and now I’m back, living in downtown Ottawa (Sandy Hill actually). I’ve had it with Rogers and am planning my switch to TekSavvy. Now with SlingTV (I have an Tomato’d router with Astrill VPN that I used while living in China – anyone else using SlingTV in Canada with VPN?) available this is doable. I’m ready to cut the cord. Tablo looks like the solution for local and network TV.

I hate bugging you all with this. I have one simple question and I’ve spent nearly an hour trying to figure it out for myself and have given up.

Can you simultaneously stream to multiple devices? If I buy a 4-tuner unit, can I record one or two programs and stream from a remaining channel? What about DVR’d content? I realize that there are limitations somewhere, LAN capacity, HD throughput, etc. I have a spouse and two kids so it would be VERY rare to need four streams but I would think it necessary from time to time to watch a channel live and stream a recorded program at the same time. Please let me know.

I have other less important questions that I know that I will have to resolve myself or “just try it out”, like:
How many channels will I get in Sandy Hill if I get the amp’d NV20? 
If I put the rig in my attic, which isn’t heated but doesn’t really get that cold, will that be ok? 
Will wifi or 200MB powerline ethernet be better to get the tablo stream out of the attic and to the Roku/andorid/iOS/PCs?

Thanks guys!

If the Tablo is wired to your router, you can stream to up to 6 devices at the same time.  Recording a show or watching a live show uses a tuner for each one, while watching recorded content does not use any tuners at all.   So you could watch four different channels at the same time if you wanted to.

If the Tablo is connected via wi-fi, you are limited to 3 devices streaming.

and yes to powerline…  Always yes…
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Our awesome users beat me to it so I’ll throw this one out (again)…

You won’t need to put the NV20 in your attic (it’s a table-top style antenna) so the Tablo can live right next to it. I’d recommend sticking it near a window. You should get approximately 14 channels. 

If you have any other questions, let us know.  

I just figured if I had 4 things to record I’d watch TV like normal - via the TV! That’s a rather novel idea, I realize, but TV’s do have tuners so you can stream to your heart’s content and watch TV on every set in the house and garage since they also have tuners. 

Unless you have one limited antenna sitting IN the house directly cabled to the Tablo, then you may have some limits, of course. 
My antenna is on the attic and split to 2 TVs in my shop (one in my auto shop, another upstairs in my wood shop) and to 3 TVs in the house and 2 wall jacks that don’t currently have TVs connected to them. So we could record 4 shows at the same time and 5 people could be watching 5 different shows on 5 TVs while the Tablo records 4 more. 

I live in Ottawa across from Camp Fortune OTA and no way 14 channels - just the 4 English - CTV, CBC, Global & TVO. I didn’t select the French channels - maybe 4 as well. The NV20 antenna was designed for Ottawa. I have 2 NV20 but for TABLO use a Winegard amplified flat antenna. You might consider NCF as service provider. I just have the 2 tuner. Also need a USB hard drive to use more than 1 tuner. Four tuner model needs a strong signal. Internet is used to update program guide. Not a good idea to put TABLO in unheated environment. Some families get a TABLO for the kids and another for the parents - each unit has it’s own name. Only 1 schedule subscription covers both.

You can put an antenna in your attic but putting your tablo and disk in the attic isn’t a good idea because the attic environment is outside the range for disk drives, especially in summer.

Depending where you are in Sandy Hill I doubt your will pickup the channels from Herbert’s Corners in Manotick with an NV20. You should get the Camp Fortune channels minus maybe Global. Again it depends on whether you are in the low or high part Of Sandy Hill. A roof mounted 2 or 4 bay antenna should get you all local channels.