Can Tablo Ripper rip directly from the hard drive without my dead Tablo?

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read about my Tablo headaches. I have an Amazon FireTV and Tablo. All the software is up todate but the Tablo stopped working. I have hundreds of recordings on my hard drive. Can I connect the hard drive to my PC to rip the programs directly from the HD using Tablo Ripper or other similar program? Support said that the dbase is corrupt which may be true but I am certain that it is hardware based. After plugging the Tablo in it boots up and within 2-4 minutes the light on the tablo is off and I never get to even live TV. HELP… please.

Tablo Ripper requires the Tablo be up and running, but I don’t think it needs the db Support people said was corrupt.
I’d give Tablo Ripper a try first, cuz it’s kinda slick, and easy to use.

The following is not for the faint of heart…
You can connect the Tablo hard drive to your computer, but you’ll need software that can read the linux ext4 file system, and software that’ll combine the many .ts video files, for each recording, into a single video file, like an .mp4.

You can download an open source linux ext4 file system reader from here:

The green download button will get you the latest production version.

Once the software is installed, and you connect the Tablo hard drive to your computer, it’ll show up as a hard drive on your computer.
You can open it, look for the .ts files, which are 6 second segments of each recording.
Copy them to your computer’s hard drive, and then use some software to combine the .ts files for each recording into 1 video file, like an .mp4 file.

ffmpeg can do it:
The blue download ffmpeg button should choose the correct installation file for your computers architecture automagically (32-bit or 64-bit).

Here’s an example excerpt from:

copy /b segment1_0_av.ts+segment2_0_av.ts+segment3_0_av.ts all.ts
ffmpeg -i all.ts -acodec copy -vcodec copy all.mp4