Can Tablo connect via Xbox 360 to the TV?

I wish to know if Tablo can be connected via XBOX 360 to the TV ? I don’t have a Roku or Fire or Plex but a XBOX 360.

Hi, @richard88. Currently, the Tablo cannot be used with any gaming device like an Xbox, PS3/4, or Wii product.

The Tablo folks have been talking to Microsoft, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see an Xbox Tablo app sometime in the future, but I doubt anything happens this year.

Thanks @snowcat , that means with the Tablo now, without Roku, Fire or cast, I can only view it via ipad.

The FireTv stick is $40, while the new Roku 2 (same processor as the old Roku 3) is $70. Those are the two lowest cost options I would consider for watching the Tablo on a TV set.

Does an XBOX360 have a web browswer?

@7up Yes, XBOX 360 has a browser.
@snowcat I’m currently using the Tablo now on my IPAD watching the recorded TV program. I downloaded the latest software update to 2.1.30.
I can only fast forward using the 30 sec option or drag the time bar, but I could not see any preview thumbnail, probably this thumbnail fast forward is not available when viewing in IPAD ?
Thanks !

I don’t think it will work using a web browser unfortunately. I tried using the IE Browser on the Xbox One and it got stuck on syncing. Perhaps it wasn’t giving access to the hard drive or something similar.

You are correct that the iPad app does not have the preview thumbnail. There is no information on whether it will ever be available on that platform.

Sorry to hear browser in XBOX One doesn’t support Tablo web app as leanback mode in an XBOX browser would effectively give XBOX a native app. I don’t XBOX360 is any different but you might give it a try.

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That is unfortunate. The lean back web app would work perfectly on the Xbox. I think I even prefer it to the Roku app.

Any update on a Xbox 360 app?would hate to buy another Roku if one will be coming out soon.