Can Tablo Airplay from PC

I am setting up my at home setup and I was wondering if you can airplay from the web app on a PC. I have 2 roku’s, an apple tv and a chrome cast for 4 TV’s in my home so i’m trying to determine what the best setup is. So far the roku’s are really my favorite option as its an all in 1 setup but I was going to avoid buying a new one if I can find a better way to get the apple tv to work then using a phone each time. Prefer a LAN to LAN connection if possible.

If you’d like to watch programming on your big screen TV, you’ll also need a Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV, or AppleTV (which uses AirPlay from an iPad), or a Chromecast dongle (casting from an Android device or Chrome browser). You can also use the Tablo web app with an HDMI-enabled computer connected to your TV.

You can not AirPlay to Apple TV from a computer or Android device - must be an iPad.

Casting to your Chromecast can be done from the computer however it is hit or miss depending on people’s WiFi networks.

Your Rokus should function great.

Thanks I was hoping to avoid getting another Roku but the stream from phone to appletv seems a bit clunky especially when it comes to fast forwarding recorded programs. Maybe a feature down the line.

On the roku preview channel we have the 30 second skip enabled right?

T-Minus 6 days till official cord cutting day in my household :slight_smile:

With the Roku channels, if there are thumbnails, fast forward just goes to the next thumbnail. If there are no thumbnails (very recently recorded or live), then it is still a 10 sec skip.

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If using Airplay to the AppleTV, I’ve found it much easier to ffwd with the AppleTV Remote. You can forward at multiple speeds, only you have to keep track of the time with no preview. It should also have a built-in 30-sec jump forward by holding the right button. FYI, there are some helpful tips for the AppleTV remote here: (it can do much more than I realized).

I think the ‘thumbnails’ are 10 seconds each. So I think it is just 10 secs on Roku with or without.

Check Ebay for Rokus… I got my 3s for about 25% off list. Also, July 4th may have some deals at your big box stores.

I would hold off on a roku purchase until the rebooting issue is resolved

Nothing worse than watching a show and having it reboot on you.

I don’t know about a PC, but you can AirPlay your screen via Mac with functionality built into the OS. You should try AirServer, it’s free for 7 days to see if it will work for you. It’s a great product that will send to AirPlay or Miracast, works or PC or Mac.


Is AirServer an Apple product or 3rd party?

Third party, it’s a slick piece of software.

Unless i’m reading there site wrong this appears to make it so you can stream to your pc not send from. Making the PC the airplay receiver versus the sendor to an enabled device (apple tv)


you are correct, the software is airparrot2 –

It’s easy to get the two confused at times. Both have free trials and are the same price, if you decide to purchase.