Can’t stream via mobile browser

Using either Safari or Chrome on iPhone I can access all aspects of my Tablo except playing a live stream. Can this be fixed please? Streaming recordings works fine.

I can no longer use your iOS app because after years of complaining you still refuse to make it reliable.

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I bet this is chrome android specific (since chrome is synonymous with WebView which is embedded in apps), I check the box
[x] use desktop site

What’s wrong with the iPhone or iPad app? I’ve been using it for years, and functioning as expected.

Once I get the app working at home it’ll work for a day or so and then I get

This happens whether I am home (on local network) or not. Even remote reboot doesn’t fix it. I have to be at home. Delete the tablo and re-add it. It’s been like this since day #1. It has never been reliable. I’ve tried everything from multiple routers to new tablos. Yes it has a static IP. Yes it works with all other apps IE: Apple TV.

Anyway. I don’t expect a fix. Trying “use full site” in chrome still doesn’t play the stream and if I’m using safari there is no reason why it should ever try any Android specific protocol.

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So I tested Safari on my home network and it streams live. It just wont stream live remotely. Again, it will stream recorded shows remotely.

Which version of iOS is your device on? And what is your ‘remote streaming quality’ setting set to? Do you see any difference if you change this setting to ‘Full Quality’?

It was set to 1Mbps. Setting it to Full Quality had no effect on the results.

Scratch all of this. It doesnt matter. None of this works either. Soon as I leave my house and try to connect nothing works. Its a shame after all this time and money the remote reliability of this product is essentially ZERO.

I think im done spending money on this product.