Can’t record Jeopardy!

I schedule recordings of all episodes of Jeopardy, a show broadcast Monday through Saturday on 2 local channels, CW and CBS networks.

Although all future episodes are initially requested, only some are actually selected, and few if any episodes are actually recorded.

Both channels are strong, reliable signals. I have 2 Tablos, each with dedicated antenna and hard drive, and schedule Jeopardy on BOTH of them to ensure that I get recordings. Both Tablos SKIP MOST RECORDINGS.

The prgram guides initially show a triangle in the upper right corner indicating future scheduled recordings but…some time before actual broadcast these triangles MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR, and no recordings occur.

This started with v.18 and persists with v.20 , now a 6 month stretch of angry wife and frustrated me.

Any suggestions are sincerely appreciated.


Hello Larry,

Schedule a manual recording on both Tablos in that time slot.

That worked for me.


That is a weird issue. I have one of my Tablos set up just to record Jeopardy, and it has recorded it every day (and sometimes twice in a day because another channel sometimes has it).

Thanks to both of you! I never thought of a manual recording. What a GREAT workaround !!
This certainly is a weird issue but the Tablos have been otherwise really terrific with very very few issues, working better than ever other than this weird Jeopardy issue.

Thank you again !!


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Although a manual recording is a great workaround, there’s a few things to check on when you think you’re missing recordings.

1 - Is your schedule set to Record ALL Episodes or Record NEW Episodes?
If you’ve selected NEW, reruns won’t be scheduled.

2 - Do you have ‘Don’t Record Duplicates’ enabled in settings?
If you have this enabled, if you already have this episode as a completed recording saved in your database, it won’t be scheduled right off the bat.

And if there’s a first airing earlier in the week, and then a re-airing later in the week of the same episode, the subsequent airing will be unscheduled if the first recording was successful. (As it would then be a duplicate.)

This is also important if the show airs on multiple channels (like Jeopardy in your case). That means it will only schedule the airings happening on ONE of the channels.

Thank you very much @TabloTV for your recommendations. None of the conditions which prevent or restrict recording are set, and these are new recordings never broadcast / seen before and thus not in any previous database of recordings. Since many other daily episodic shows are being recorded successfully on both of my systems. I can only imagine that some defect in the program guide information may be interfering with recording. Really a mystery to me.

Although I record on two different channels every day, one of the channels (CW) is broadcasting older episodes from some prior season, which are “new“ to me, having never seen them before. Each day, CBS broadcasts a truly brand new episode, and CW broadcasts an older “new” episode. Most of the time, the brand new episode on CBS at 7:30 PM is not recorded, even though it is initially scheduled, shows up with a triangle in the upper right corner, but then no longer has the triangle at show time.

This particular show, Jeopardy, behaves differently, and all of my other programming/scheduling, with an occasional exception, records correctly. That’s why I tend to think the program guide may be the problem .

If the manual scheduling solves the problem, I will be 100% OK. I don’t care how the show gets scheduled so long as it properly records and avoids the disappointment of not finding recordings which are expected.

Please allow me to extend my compliments and thanks to you and Tablo for producing a very stable, reliable V.20. I enjoy using it on a daily basis, and am very glad to see it working well.


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@RetiredEngineer Yes, Tablo’s scheduling engine is only as good as the data. It could be that your local CW station has neglected to provide some of the metadata on the older rerun episodes it runs.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying 2.2.20!

I’ve seen this behavior when the guide meta data included generic series info, instead of the season and episode info.
The episode is marked as new with generic guide info. (Early in the week.)
The episode recording is skipped, cuz it’s not marked new with season and episode info. (Day of episode.)

It must be an error in the guide just as you and Tablo Support have explained.

The really good news is that manual recording solves the problem, and that’s all that I’m concerned about.

Thanks again!

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For future Jeopardy-related recording issues shall we agree to post all responses in the form of a question?

What is the opposite of no?


Well, there must be something going on… because my Tablo missed Jeopardy last Friday 6/22 for the first time in FOUR years. What’s going on??? I set up a manual record until someone figures this one out.

There are many different chucks of information that make up the metadata for a show/episode. Some of which is may not be visible in a tablo app.

If you have used tablo for 3-4 years you must have seen this problem show up before. Usually it’s caused by the guide provider or data supplied by the channel to the guide provider.

It’s also fun when you click on record individual episode only to have it magically turned off by the over nite guide update.

I have occasionally missed recordings for no apparent reason, and have considered this problem to be one of the continuing elusive defects of Tablo I would “live with”. It happens pretty rarely, and so randomly that I could not observe or describe any pattern.

This Jeopardy situation, on the other hand, was / is a missed recording problem “on steroids”, happening nearly every day, often twice a day, and NOT BEFORE V.18. It and other new problems made V.18 a ‘train wreck’ which I complained loudly about. It’s the only remaining V.18 problem I have, now ‘solved’ by manual recording. Sadly Remote Access died with my cellphone / TMobile, and the iOS player still really stinks. But overall, Tablo is much improved with V.20.