Can’t connect to live antenna programming

I have the Tablo app installed through my Apple TV. The Tablo program menu comes up the programming schedule but when I try to watch a channel, the screen just goes dark. The antenna works fine when connected directly to the TV. Any suggestions? I’ve rebooted both the Tablo device and the Xfinity router.

I’m assuming that you have the new white, round Tablo 4th Gen. The current Tablo app for the Apple TV doesn’t work with the new Tablo, only with the “Legacy” Tablo, the black, rectangular one. Tablo does say that support for the new Tablo on the Apple TV is close, whatever that means :-).

Using Roku around here with my new Tablo, but if you go to the Tablo web site you’ll find a list of the supported streaming platforms for the new model.

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@Andersod50 - unfortunately, support for Apple TV hasn’t been released yet. Support says Apple TV support is coming soon but no specific date. I have an Apple TV in a couple of rooms and the only way I can watch there is to use mirror from my iPhone or iPad, otherwise need to purchase fireTV, firestick or Roku from what I understand. Hopefully Apple TV support comes soon.

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