Can not watch show from beginning until it finishes recording

Everyday for the past year, I have recorded the Late Show at 11:30pm est. When I get home from work at approximately 11:45pm, I will open up the Tablo app through my Firestick, it connects and I start watching The Late Show from the begining while it is still recording. Last week, when I tried to watch it like I have been doing for the past year, now it just keeps saying “Loading”. It will never load and I can not watch the show until the next day. The next morning it works perfect. I don’t understand what could have happened this past week. I did not change any settings.

Look at the threads about the problems with Tablo app version 1.3.1. Upgrade to 1.3.3 and see if that fixes it.

Thanks! Will give it a try and report back.

that appears to have solved the problem. Thanks!!