Can not tell where I am on the list of choices on home screen

Sorry if this has been covered before, but i could not find anything. The wife and I are new users and both have the same complaint. From the second we entered the tablo app from our roku we could not tell which section was selected. Only when you go up or down can you see the slightly bold white print move. Why is the selected section not some other color. Black/blue/red. Any color other than white. Please fix this. This is making our experience not so good.
Also when moving to a different section anywhere in the app, it would be nice to default back to the top when ever you enter the app. For example, me wife came to me and said where are all my recordings ? I messed with it and she apparently moved to the sports tab instead of ALL the last time she exited the app.
We think that every time you enter the app you should be in the same place every time. Home screen on Live TV and all sub categories should default to ALL.
Hope I explained that well enough.