Can iPad Pro swipe indicator line be hidden?

The white “swipe indicator” line at the bottom of the screen is always visible, even when video is playing and I find it very distracting, especially in dark mode. Is there any way to hide this bar when watching content? The bar disappears when playing a video in the YouTube app and the GSE IPTV player, so I know it’s possible. Am I missing something?

Screenshot please.

Not at the moment unfortunately but it’s something we’re working to address.

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That horizontal white line. In many other apps it disappears after a few seconds until you touch the screen.

This also happens on the iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.3 - portrait and landscape screenshots below.

Yep, still using an iPhone 7+ but I figured as much since that “function bar” is the new home button. Anyway, it’s distracting, no?