Can I use my Fire outside the home?

Brand new to Tablo. It seems to work great on all of my devices in the house. And on my phone when I leave the house. However, I have a second home out of state. Can I set up my Fire Cube (or stick) to work on the TV there? We don’t get cable there and the OTA is spotty. So I’d like to just stream my local home channels there.

I don’t really understand he whole setup process. I took my Fire Cube out at home and set it up with the Tablo and it works fine. Can I just take that to the other home and plug it in? Will it somehow know how to connect to my Tablo? I guess my cell phone does.

Yes, the Fire Cube is a supported Tablo Connect device. Start here:

There are many user with detailed experience with tablo connect, here’s some of tablo’s reading

Tablo Connect Supported Devices

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The 2019 Amazon Fire TV Cube or the Amazon Fire TV 4K stick for the best experience.

Great, thanks. I’m still finding my way around. I hope to get to my place before my free month runs out to confirm.

It does seem a bit odd to require to be on the same network first for something like a Fire TV. Is there a way to connect to a Tablo just by using the serial number or something?

I’m still on the free trial so maybe that is offered with a full subscription.

No, there’s no other way to do the connection. A username/password system has been requested many times, but hasn’t happened.

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There are no more features with a paid vs trial subscription. When time is up, you can add a month before and change payment “type” later. There is not a membership, so there’s nothing gained regardless of method.

Or just go with an annual if you’'re not sure if you’ll use it the rest of your life… or is it the life of tablo providing the service?