Can I transfer dvr recordings to new ssd (4th Gen)

I’ve been having performance issues with the external hdd I’m using with my 4th Gen tablo and would like to try an external ssd instead, but I have many hours of recordings on the current hdd that I would not want to lose. Is there any guide or assistance with attaching the external hdd used by my tablo onto my PC so I can copy it’s contents to a new ssd. I remember reading somewhere that Tablo uses a linux format and there was an app you could install on a Windows PC to work with linux formatted drives, but I’m having trouble locating that information… Any help would be appreciated.


Clone the hard drive with Clonezilla. Free hard drive cloning software that is Linux based but WILL copy any hard drive. At least it did before Apple’s recent APFS encryption format. I’ve not tried to clone my new iMac drive yet.

Clonezilla should work fine for you. Just Google it. It’s made by Mozilla (Makers of Firefox Browser).

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Thanks for the reply. I was looking into using that program(or similar), but if I recall, the new drive needs to be the same capacity or larger, and I was going to switch from a 2tb drive to a 1tb drive which means first trying to reduce the size of the partition on the 2tb drive. I couldn’t find a cloning program to do both, so I would need to first find a re-partitioning program and then use clonezilla. I haven’t bothered to try because I’ve been considering just buying a new 2tb ssd. The problem is if the new drive formats to even a single byte smaller than the original drive, I would need to fiddle with a re-partitioning program. I’m very capable with this kind of stuff from windows, but I’ve had very little linux experience so I’m a bit hesitant.

On Linux, cfdisk can resize partitions.

I believe CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) is available for Windows systems. It will allow those functions. At least it did on past Mac versions.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!:four_leaf_clover: