Can I still use my Tablo?

My subscription to Tablo just ran out. It’s been a roller coaster ride using it for a year.
I can’t afford the subscription anymore and it’s very limited without the subscription.

There is now only a few menu items. LIVE TV - SCHEDULED and RECORDINGS. SETTINGS is there still.

All my previous scheduled recordings disappeared.
The recordings are all template images so it’s hard to find something visually.

I don’t think I will be using Tablo anymore. An expensive device for one year. Well at least I can use the hard drive for my Plex server now.

The things you mentioned you ‘lost’ are all part of the subscription feature set. Having said that, without a subscription you should still get 1 day of guide data and be able to watch live TV, configure manual recordings (date/time/channel/show) and watch those manual recordings.

If you are going to compare Plex to Tablo, don’t forget Plex requires an add on “Plex Pass” subscription in order to unlock certain features not available in the non-subscription version of Plex in almost the identical way that Tablo functions with or without subscription. The live tv/dvr functions of Plex are completely behind the pay wall. Perhaps you already have a Plex Pass purchased in some way (month/year/lifetime), but if you do not already subscribe and are leaving Tablo because you can no longer spring for the subscription, the problem could be the same for you in the Plex environment.

I do already have a Plex pass.
Was comparing Plex to Tablo and overall I guess I like Plex better. They both have their pros and cons. Been struggling with that decision for a while now.

They both seem to have a problem showing where you are at visually when fast forwarding, unless I’m doing something wrong.

My wife uses Roku and is use to that interface.

I do have a Channel Master stream coming in a month or so. Don’t know how that will pan out.
We don’t care about streaming TV. Just recording and watching it. We do need at least two tuners and up to four is better.

I was put off that Tablo didn’t save my scheduling and all the poster art and images are gone.

Sounds like you were on a yearly subscription.
If you change your mind about continuing your subscription, I would nicely ask Tablo to give you credit towards a lifetime subscription.
That way the $50 you already spent on a yearly subscription doesn’t get lost.
You pay $100 more, and get a lifetime subscription.

It’s been just over a year since I paid the subscription.
Honestly I can’t afford the lifetime even with a discount. Social Security barely pays the bills.

It is a shame as I am finally seeing some improvements with Tablo.

Just making sure - you are aware that the cost of a Tablo lifetime subscription is the same cost as the Channel Master hardware, correct? If you are unsure how the Channel Master will pan out and you really enjoy the Tablo experience and how it has improved lately(already own the hardware), seems like the option to shift the funds you have from one purchase to the other would be a good choice for your scenario.

Tablo has a 150 lifetime and 50 yearly.
I paid 100 for the stream plus and have 30 days to return it. I don’t know when I will receive it.

Plex is 40 a year for the subscription and seems to be somewhat better then Tablo for me. Nether is perfect.
I would like to keep both but can’t.

I have 4 tuners ether way with Tablo and my two ota HDHomeruns. I also have a prime HDHomerun but don’t use it much lately.

If I don’t like the CM Stream I will return it. Maybe I will see about a lifetime subscription for one of the above or else pay my Consumers Energy bill. :slight_smile: