Can i disconnect the harddrive and hook to my computer?

I hate that i do not have a hdmi and using my wifi slows everything to a crawl. it is glitchy as fk.
why design something that eats so much data?

You can get HDMI. There are power line adapters to use wired network. 3rd party apps to export recordings to a PC …have them on your local drive.

You don’t need to be a hater.

Even if the tablo is connected to WiFi and the connection is 2.4 Ghz versus 5 Ghz, where did all that WiFi capacity go?

Theoretical capacity and actual throughput are very different things. Depends on topography, interference, intervening walls/objects, etc, etc.

Even with the newer WiFi technologies… nothing beats an ethernet cable. :crazy_face:


That’s why I mentioned capacity and not throughput. When there is a large difference between capacity and throughput the user might need to determine why there is such a difference.