Can I add recordings to replacement HDD?

I used Tablo Tools to extract all my recordings from the external drive I started with and installed an internal drive because I was having issues with the USB drive disconnecting. Can I put the recordings back on Tablo?

I don’t think you can, but curious if anyone has ideas.

Well, technically you could store anything on it… it a storage device :poop:

Ok, seriously, no –
-the DB data or meta data is stored internally on the tablo. There would be no reference to the recordings.
-The recordings aren’t saved as a single file. -In what format does Tablo save the video/audio stream to the hard drive?- I suppose you could convert it similarly as you the convert process during export. ffmpeg it too complex for me.

There are process explained in various posts to move to a new/bigger drive. Tablo has no official path. You can easily copy after you let tablo format the new drive. Clonezilla LIve is a painless option. There is a backup script a user created - - Backup all recorded shows from a Tablo presumably backup your old drive… then restore to your new drive.

forum search Search results for 'new drive' - TabloTV Community as a jumping off point.