Cache/db of shows/episodes from the last year

With access to full guide data from the internet, I was kind of expecting/hoping that my Tablo would become aware of shows that aren’t actively airing (e.g. Blood & Treasure, or Last Man Standing), or would know about episodes that had already aired (e.g. the fact that ep 2 of This is Us aired a night or two back). It appears this is not the case.

In particular, for things like Last Man Standing, it would be nice if I could go ahead and set up to record new episodes even though there aren’t any scheduled in the next 2 weeks. For older episodes, it would be nice to mark the episode to record next time it airs, say, if the broadcaster decides to do a marathon at some point.

So, I guess, I’d like to make a feature request to simply have a db of previous shows (and possibly individual episodes) that have aired, say, in the last year, so I can schedule them to record if and when they do come back on.

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If what you are wanting are new programs plus reruns, set the record mode to ‘All Programs’.

Note that once you’ve scheduled a program, in stays in the scheduled database until you remove it. It doesn’t matter if it appears in the guide or not.

Keeping programs in the scheduled database works great for seasonal programs like sports (e.g. NFL Football, NASCAR, etc.). I only schedule these programs once and even though they don’t appear in the guide until the season comes around, when they do, I’ll record them.

I have several programs that are out-of-production but still scheduled (e.g. The Orvelle, The Real O’Neals, Speechless). These won’t show up in the guide again unless they go into reruns. With these programs in my scheduled list, I can change the record option to ‘All Programs’, If or when they ever get reran, I’ll record them as well.

Not sure if this addresses your feature request, but hope it helps in some way.

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Yes the Tablo remembers shows you want to record even if there aren’t episodes airing in the next 2 weeks. But the show has to be airing at some point in the next 2 weeks to do the initial “one-time” scheduling of it. After if the initial scheduling, yes you can set it and forget it and the show will record say 6 months down the road when the new season starts.

However, if said show is not airing in the next 2 weeks, you cannot schedule “Record All”. Does that make sense?

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@theuser86 You hit the nail on the head.

@DrJack Yeah, that’s exactly the behavior I want… but I would like, instead of the device remembering shows that aren’t actively airing, I’d like Tablo’s servers to keep track of those shows, and have them show up in the “Shows” section, even if they aren’t airing in the next two weeks, so I can go ahead and set them up to record in the future, whenever that may (or may not) happen.

DirecTV which I’m about to cancel does what you are requesting. Personally when it comes to the Tablo I would prefer to not have a bunch of clutter on searches and listings. So if this feature were to be added I wouldn’t want those perhaps maybe shows to end up in any normal lists of yes these shows will be airing.

I get about 85 channels or so, I have most of those turned off because of the clutter of crap I don’t care about. How about a compromise and make it a checkbox to show or not show last years “maybe” shows.

If you set recordings to “all”, it will record only those re-runs that haven’t been previously recorded, so you can catch up on something you missed.

The problem with listing shows that don’t have any episodes airing in the next two weeks is that there are so many of them. Even if you limited it to the last 12 months, you would likely show a bunch of one time events that would be confusing to list for a lot of users.

Since new seasons typically appear at the same times each year, just remind yourself to set the recordings up then. After that, you are good to go for as long as you want to record that show (I still have the Simpsons recording for 5+ years now).

I’m building a tool to allow for something that I think would work in your case.

The feature I’m building is being called AutoRecord…it allows you to specify that if anything pops into the list that matches the input you have provided, it’ll auto record it…so in the case of last man standing, you just specify that as your text, and the next time it shows up in your list, my app’ll set the recording for you appropriately…

I have the auto record functionality working, but haven’t built the GUI quite yet…the app of course has other features you might find useful as well.