Cable modem on sale

Best Buy and Amazon both have Arriis SB6141 SURFBOARD Cable Modem on sale for $69.99

If you’re still leasing your cabl ed modem, it will pay for itself in 7 months.


FYI, if you have TWC and want to get download speed > 100, or upload > 10, you’ll need the 16 channel one (SB6183). Even if you don’t have the need for higher speed now, I still think it’s still better to get the new model just for better future proof. I personally would consider a refurbished SB6183 rather than the 6141, IMHO.

The brand new 6183 was on sale for $80 (no tax) just a few days ago. Just wait for another sale if you prefer brand new vs. refurbished :slightly_smiling:

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The Surfboard is a pretty decent modem. I bought an SB6120 about 5 1/2 years ago and it’s still going strong. Even tho my ISP has done a speed upgrade since I first installed it, it’s managed to keep up beautifully, and has paid for itself many times over. I recommend to everyone I know that they should ditch their ISP supplied modem and buy their own, and to get the Surfboard.

Here’s a link to a comparison of the different Surfboard modems:

I never recommend getting built in wi-fi, as there are advantages to keeping the modem and router separate.


This December will be 3 years I’ve had my Zoom 5341J. I’m only paying for 50 down.

I looked at the TW site and they try to make it so uh ND like you’re better off leasing, but as long as you investigate before purchase, it pays for itself quick.

My ISP has, and I assume (I know, I know) that other ISPs have this as well, a list of recommended modems that they support on their service. When I installed mine, and other’s I’ve helped set theirs up, the ISP needed information off the modem’s label (MAC address, etc.) in order to do the activation. In my dealings with them, they have a management interface at their end that allows them to manage connected modems remotely, performing such tasks as checking status, doing a reboot, etc.

When we hooked it up to TW, everything happened automatically. Just had to log into account.

FYI Comcast is phasing out support of the SB6141 and recommending people go to the 6183 … I had the 6141 and it worked great … I recently upgraded to the 6183 when I got a notice email from Comcast ending support (eol) for the 6141 , While I am sure they will support it for the time being I am not sure how long that will be and/or if they will be allowing new activations of SB6141 modems… just an FYI for people who use Comcast (best to call their support and ask if its still OK for this model)

you can see this thread where I posted a copy of the notice I got (and I personally owned my 6141)