Cable Cards and HD HomeRun

Has any progress been made on creating a version of table that will take a cable card? I had saw an article where there was POC testing of a table talking to an HDHomeRun which takes a cable card. Is this going to come back? Any info. HDHomeRun works ok for cable card, but apps and DVR are unstable. Tablo would be a great integration.

This is the thread about it. It looks like it has been put on hold indefinitely.

Any way we can wake it back up? Would seem like a great add for the tablo capability.

I’d be happy with enabling the QAM capabilities of the tuner and just have the capability to tune unencrypted channels. My irony is that I get all the OTA channels through my cable provider as part of my Internet package, but cannot use them since the Tablo is incompatible. After several antennas and even more pointing exercises, I am unable to reliably bring in all the OTA channels in my area.

How far are you from the broadcast towers? Are the stations scattered in multiple directions or clustered in one? What types of antenna did you use and where did you place them? My situation is the worst one can imagine but eventually I did get the reception I needed.

The specifics of my OTA situation is somewhat irrelevant to the fact that the tuner chipset used in the Tablo has the capability to receive QAM, but they choose not to enable it.

For the record, all my stations are about 30 miles away atop a mountain (Mt. Wilson). I have some nearby obstructions causing some diffractions that vary throughout the day making a stable signal difficult to achieve, and even more difficult to troubleshoot without a quasi-real-time RSL indicator.

ALL the stations 30 miles away ON A MOUNTAIN and you can’t get a signal LOL. I know thousands of people getting OTA from Mt. Wilson EASILY.

You must be so popular if you know 1000’s of people in the LA area. Good for you. I’m not one of them.

What kind of antenna are you using that can’t get the signals from 5800 ft high transmitters 30 miles away??

The likely problem is that there’s a hill in front of me that is likely causing signal diffraction. I’m on my 3rd antenna now, a 2-element bowtie (with a VHF addon). Previously I tried a 4-element bowtie, and a Yagi. Also tried using a LNA at the source to overcome about a 50-foot cable run signal loss (RG6 should be about 3dB loss at 1GHz). Signal reception is extremely sensitive to pointing — it shouln’t be with the relatively wide beamwidth antenna I used. It’s also sensitive from signal scan to signal scan. Without real-time RSL information it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot.

The specifics of my OTA reception problem is orhtogonal to the lack of support of QAM demodulation.

Sounds like a tuff problem that maybe very difficult to solve. Sorry, I have nothing to offer, but there are a lot of antenna gurus on this form that may have a suggestion. Cheers.

Hi. I’m in Seal Beach. About 40 miles from Mt Wilson. Receiving over 100 channel’s at near max signal strength with a compact yagi antenna. So I’m wondering exactly where you’re located and have you tried a good outdoor unidirectional mast mounted antenna?

Yes – all the antenna have been outdoor chimney mast mounted. I even tried a mast extension. My location at the beach is on dunes – I have about a 90 foot effective block in front of me which is likely the culprit for the signal dispersion. See the attached elevation profile to see what I mean.