Buying Tablo and using Roku as my tv hub


I’m trying to understand how to use Tablo as my source for all local tv.  I’m planning to buy a Tablo and connect it via ethernet to my router.
I then want to connect a Roku 3 to each of the 4 tvs in my house.  I should then be able to view Tablo from any of those tvs…

One question I dont see answered anywhere is can I use the Roku to search my Tablo? So if I record Shark Tank on the Tablo and then go to the Roku and search for Shark Tank it will show me if it’s on hulu or netflix…will it also show me if it’s on Tablo?

Thanks in advance, 

I don’t believe Tablo is integrated with Roku search… it’s somewhat of an apple vs. an orange thing.  Hulu and Neflix and the like are ‘static’ content, whereas your Tablo is whatever you chose to store.

Any searching has to be done from the Tablo app itself (for now).

If you have Rokus connected to all your TVs, then you will be able to use you Tablo on all of them via your network.  You still need a PC or tablet to set up the Tablo for the first time.

The Tablo is not integrated with the Roku search functionality. 

On other platforms such as Nexus player, this is def feasible, but the Devs have to use the built in google apis to do it.  For example Plex on the Nexus player is integrated with global search, and voice search.  Its pretty amazing!

Not sure if the Roku API allows for additional apps to be included in global search.  would be a cool feature if they opened it up.

@PiX64, oh yes, it can be built, but might be sufficiently hard.  Most searches are built against a centralized server, even for user specific content, but in our case the dbs are located on little boxes everywhere… which is why I say it’s sufficiently hard.

(who knows, it might not be hard at all… I’m making a lot of assumptions about the api, maybe we just proxy once via and go… or maybe the api has some kind of local net capability… but I doubt it… too many variables).

@snowcat I used an Android phone to set up my Tablo, not a tablet or computer.  Of course the point is you do need something.