Buy/Sell forum/community?

Is there a location anywhere with an active classifieds section for Tablo (and other) OTA equipment? I mean other than Ebay. There is a classifieds section on the AVS forum but it is so huge and dedicated to all home entertainment. So there isn’t much OTA dvr’s.

Apparently it’s not uncommon for people to plop a tablo “for sale” post here from time to time -

150+ results fortablo for sale

On Ebay you’ll notice listing people selling a “life time guide subscription”, which isn’t really transferable.
It’s tied to an individual, so when their life is over… the subscription should expire - not extend in perpetuity.
(although some users consider it a membership)

Try Offerup and Mercari. Both have a lot of traffic and a cool keywords setting (like Ebay) where you’ll be notified of new product postings that include your keywords like “tv antenna”.

Thanks. I went to Offerup and put in searchword “Tablo” and it returned all sorts of Kitchen Tables and End Tables :smile:

SurLa Experanto ftw!

I think you need to click on the following link when searching on offerup:
Search instead for tablo

So why does your link work, I actually get Tablo devices, and when I do a search on “tablo” I get end tables? :roll_eyes:

I got mostly tables at first too but I noticed the " Search instead for tablo" message underneath the search bar after the initial results were displayed. Here is a better view of what I saw:

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