Buy now or wait?

Hi, all! Finally signed up for an account after lurking for a while. The topic’s come up now and then here, but I don’t see a recent discussion: As a current owner, do you recommend diving in now, or waiting for a few more kinks to be resolved? And also the bigger question - do you feel confident in Tablo sticking around and supporting/improving these devices for at least several more years?

I stream most of my content and have lightning-fast FTTH internet. I have Roku devices on all of my TVs (not Roku TVs - I don’t like built-in, all-in-one sorts of equipment - prefer separate components). I also have an antenna in my attic for OTA, currently connected to 1 TV. I discovered Tablo and its competitors years ago when I first started thinking of splitting the coax from my antenna. I have a Roku Ultra, a couple of Roku 4K Streaming Stick+, and I also have a 4K Chromecast with Google TV that I haven’t even taken out of the box yet. I have 3 TVs installed and may add up to 2 more in the house.
I’m interested in the Tablo as a supplement to all the paid services I already use, not a replacement, and to revise how I’m accessing OTA content. I foresee continuing to use the various paid streaming services for at least 75% of my viewing, but want to add OTA to all screens in the house.

So here’s the question for Tablo owners: knowing what you know now and based on your overall experience, but especially recent experiences, do you recommend that I pull the trigger on the Tablo 4G, or would you say to wait and see a little longer, and why?
If I get it, do you recommend using it with Roku, or Chromecast. or another option?

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I also rely on streaming services more than my Tablo. I wanted something simpler than having 3 PVRs all over the house to play OTA recordings. The only change I would make to my purchase(s) is that I would have started with the 4-tuner and not have spent the money on two 2-tuners.

I think the biggest thing to consider when making your decision, is if you are comfortable using other add-on devices than just the Roku. It’s true that I’m not a Roku fan in general, but having different sticks has saved me in more than ways than just the Tablo.

I suggest multiple options because there are issues with all apps right now, but they are being worked on. At one point the search function was broken on the Android/FireOS version, but worked on Roku. Then Roku started having the live TV issue, so people are having a hard time with that.

Shortly after my 4-tuner arrives, I will donate a 2-tuner to my Mom. She uses only Roku, but with her TV also having built-in Android or Google, she’ll have that backup if necessary.

Yes, there have been a few setbacks in the last few weeks between updates and the server outage (pretty sure it rolled back something that’s causing connectivity issues within all the Tablo apps). The Roku app is only 0.8.401, the Android/Fire is 1.1.3. Each have their benefits and downsides.

I enjoy the speed of the 2nd gen Amazon 4k Max, and even use my 1st gen as my second choice. I think the biggest reason I prefer the Android/FireOS version is because there are more features available during playback.

These include a popup that shows

  • what’s on current channels
  • saved recordings (more beneficial when you’re watching one and want to switch to the next easily, otherwise it tends to just be a random list)
  • what’s coming up next on your currently viewed channel
  • info into whatever show/movie you’re currently watching

As well as a video progress bar that shows you how far you are into a program as well as how much is left. In live TV play, this acts as a way to show how far back you can rewind.

All this can be achieved by the press of OK, Up, or Down (Left or Right is saved for rewind/forward). On the Roku version, this is sadly missing. You can bring up a similar progress bar by pressing play/pause, but other than rewind or fast forward, there is no other information available.

I would say use whichever STB or viewing device you prefer, but having an alternative is definitely an all-over requirement. Until the Roku version is more stable, it’s almost a necessity. A 4k device will always give you better results than an HD version, even though the Tablo will only transmit up to 1080i. There’s usually more memory and a better CPU in there, and an HD device sometimes has a blurry look on UHD televisions. If your only use for an add-on is because you want a 4th generation Tablo, nothing beats the $20 Walmart onn. 4k streaming stick. Total of 8G internal, left with about 3G after updates and a few apps. For its price, the onn. box looks great, has HDR, and if you’re a fan, comes preloaded with GoogleTV as its OS.

You’ll find that recommendations from users are based on the OS they prefer as well as how it fits into their lifestyle. Until the tvOS version is released though, it’s Android/FireOS or Roku.

I’ll end with this: If you think it will bring new life to your household viewing, buy it. If it doesn’t like your current Roku setup, pick up a cheap STB and see how that feels. And yes, I would by a Tablo 4th gen knowing everything I know now.


I have the Legacy 4 tuner OTA 1TB model I use with me TCL/ROKU TV’s.
Do not have any of the issues the others have had with Legacy or Gen 4.
Don’t know if it is because ROKU is built in to the TV or what, but I have just had minor issues.
Only real complaints are about features that don’t exist, but should.

I would say get the 4-tuner model now. You can use it with Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast 4K. There are other streaming boxes that you can use it with that are Android TV, but be careful, some are underpowered. I’m currently using it with the Chromecast 4K simply because I like it better than the Roku’s that I have. The Roku’s also work well for me, being relatively new and up to date. The Fire Stick 4K MAX also works well with it, but I’m not a fan of the UI.

Anyways, the 4-tuner 4th gen Tablo has been very reliable for me. I had a bunch of trouble initially, but after a factory reset the new Tablo has been working perfectly. I don’t do anything with the FAST channels, a lot of the problems that I read about relate to problems with them. I only use Tablo for my local network TV stations. And the new Tablo has excellent resolution, the DVR has worked very well, and it has been great for OTA use.

The only regret that I have is that I bought that the Apple TV platform was “coming soon”, and “late fall (2023)” and so on. Since you’re a Roku/Chromecast user, I think that you’ll be happy with it.

I should add that I’ve had 5+ years with the “Legacy” Tablo, and have used it a lot. I find that the 4th Gen Tablo is generally easier to use and faster to switch contexts.


Where is the 4-tuner model available? I’d been eyeing the 2-tuner model as sufficient; it’s rare that more than 1 TV is in use at any given time, and even less likely that 2 would simultaneously be viewing OTA/Tablo content. Does the 4-tuner model have any additional features over the 2-tuner one?

Best Buy is the only place that has it that I’ve seen…it was phrased as “Best Buy exclusive” when I got it.

Tablo is owned by Eze Scripts and will. E around. I recommend Chromecast with Google TV to watch. I also have Roku and Apple TV

Actually Tablo is owned by Nuvyyo, which was purchased by E.W. Scripps in 2022, a multi-billion corporation in the news and broadcast business. So I guess if you’re wondering about the financial viability of Tablo, I don’t think there’s much to worry about. But then again, anything can happen.

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