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Interesting that Business Insider chose the Tablo as DVR for its cord cutting guide:

If you know you’ll be using your antenna frequently, it works wonders.”

What? Tivo not mentioned…aw shucks :joy:


First off, I think you know I like Tablo vs Tivo as I had too many issues with Tivo…

But, they tend to report a bunch of “crap” and are incorrect on a lot of their reports that I have seen. So take with a grain of salt :wink:

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I like Henry Blodgett. It’s Newwww Yawwwk after all :smirk:

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Yea, I tweeted back to them one day because their story was completely wrong, and I provided the info on why, and then I just started watching and was like this is a joke…

Oh and no response from them,

I had a fight with their CTO. Their app started to fail on iPad1. So I wrote to them asking them to fix their iPad app. Their CTO wrote back to me saying their staff couldn’t fix their app on iPad1 so my best bet was to get an iPad2. I replied, “Upgrade to an iPad2 just two years after having bought an iPad1?” Her response? “I do that with my iPhone every two years…”

lol, yea iPad 1 was pretty much left in the cold by everyone, including apple :frowning:

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I still use it but started looking to replace my iPad1’s OS with Linux. I did that to my MacMini (it was running out of steam with Apple’s OS); it runs nicely now using LUbuntu (slimmed down Ubuntu). Someone did start a project to have a Linux variant for iPad but it has been abandoned.

Wait, you have Linux on your ipad? put the link here for others. I have an iPad 2 and it runs just fine but I would be interested in that :wink:

No, I meant I was looking to do that. However the project that was started to put Linux on an iPad stopped after 6 months of development and did not go any further. It’s my MacMini that now runs Linux. I believe the original developers ran into problems writing the device drivers (hardware interfaces) to be used on the iPad under Linux.

Ahhh… Seems strange they stopped. What about jailbreak?

I did jailbreak my iPad since I needed to install an IOS5 alternative to Safari which was going down too often. Got a browser from Cydia.

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Yeah, it didn’t take long for the iPad 1 to become worthless… pretty much the same as every Apple product I’ve ever bought; iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. Typically, the last iOS update they issue for the older devices slows them down significantly. Then, because they aren’t eligible for the latest update, many of the apps can no longer be updated, as they require the latest version of iOS. For the same reason, you can’t download the latest apps to your device. Worse, many of the apps you already have may stop working.

By contrast, in the case of the iPad, the Windows operating system for PCs is supported for a decade or more. A year ago, after my disappointing experience with the iPad 1, I decided to buy a Windows based tablet, the Sony Vaio Tap 11. It’s not the best Windows tablet, but when the $800 product was discounted down to $499, I couldn’t resist. It came loaded with Windows 8, and the night I brought it home, I updated to Windows 8.1, for free. About a week ago, I updated to Windows 10, for free, which will extend the lifetime of the tablet. All of my old software runs on my tablet, and I’m able to download and run the latest apps from the Windows store.

I’m not intending to bash Apple here, as I think they generally do a nice job with the product designs. They practically single handedly revolutionized/created a whole new smartphone industry, not to mention revitalizing the market for tablets, both saving the company and creating a new source of high revenue services for Cell Phone carriers. But leaving customers behind by rendering relatively newly purchased products obsolete in a short period of time is bound to leave a sour taste in the mouths of many of their customers. I know it did in my case.

I like to keep my cell phones for a while. I had my iPhone 3G for 3 years before it became virtually unusable. I’ve owned my Samsung Galaxy SIII for 3 years and it’s still very usable. The only things I’ve done are replace the battery, which started going after a couple of years, and added a micro SD card to expand the amount of available storage. I could probably get another year or two out of the phone if I wanted, but will probably upgrade at some point. Just this morning, I was looking at the T Mobile site, and they have an iPhone 5C on sale for $199, down from the regular price of $350. I was initially tempted, but, given my past experience with Apple products, I decided to pass.


I wasn’t willing to chuck my iPhone1 away when my carrier forced me to change phones. Instead I turned it into a music player and eBook reader.

My wife asked me a few weeks ago, “If Nuvyyo ever goes out of business, can you still keep the Tablo functioning and make it work with some type of guide?” She’s used to me retooling old machines.

If that ever happens with Nuvyyo, I imagine that a rather robust open source community would spring up to maintain the product, or at least I would hope so, as it comes closer to meeting all of my needs than any other product out there, which is why I bout it some months back, and continue to use it despite some issues.

  1. iPad was good for four years from the date of introduction. IOS development did start to wane at about the three year mark with the introduction of the iPad 2. Sucked but not unusual. They are pretty much useless now. I still have mine.
  2. No Microsoft does not support OSs for over ten years, they just ended up supporting XP for an exceptionally long time because it took them forever to come out with a viable replacement. Really they had no choice until Windows 7.
  3. As far as television guide data goes, there is no open source guide data software out there. Every single attempt at it has died because of the cost maintaining it. The open source community has tried and failed numerous times. I don’t see this problem changing any time soon.

Hasn’t MythTV had to struggle with the very issue you mention?

I’m not familiar with the Tablo API so I don’t know whether it’s possible to send a “record show” command to it from an external source. On my PC, I use TitanTV to schedule recordings for my Hauppauge tuner card. I select a program from the TitanTV guide and right click to record it. So there is interaction between a TitanTV listing and my Hauppauge recording service.

In any case, I’m in my 60’s so I need Nuvyyo to survive for another decade or so. After that who knows… As it is I’m fighting not to become the resident Tablo curmudgeon :mask:

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Yes I suppose they have, but they are also struggling with it too. Its the first thing you see when you visit their page. Me personally I don’t like dealing with open source software. It has proven to be nothing but a headache. I get things all setup the way I want them and a few months later everything needs updated, sometimes in a major way. Why I gave up on Kodi. All setup to function the way I want, oh no its not…