Bug? Green/Pink Recordings?

So my TabloTV has worked for years. I upgraded to firmware 2.2.42. In the last month, all my scheduled recordings are Green/Pink and unwatchable. I read back through some previous posts, and I’ve verified the following…

  1. my TV live viewing is coming through just fine for all stations/channels
  2. My previous recordings prior to October, 2022 are coming up fine.
  3. The signal level for my stations are green
  4. I rescanned my TV listings and nothing changed
  5. I can start an immediate recording of a program and it records fine

Though a complete PITA, I am going to delete my scheduled recordings, reboot, and reset my scheduled recordings to see if this fixes it.

Any other troubleshooting fixes or answers here?

You didn’t say what playback device, all playback devices of the same type, multiple types of playback devices.

good question. I have witnessed it on 3 different Roku devices using the Tablo app. I have also experienced the situation via MacBook Safari web browser, and iPhone TabloTV app.

I just deleted all the recordings and their schedules, and re-established the schedules. I will report if it corrected the problem.

Solved…Well, deleting all my scheduling, then deleting all the recordings that were impacted, power cycle, then rescheduling my shows to be recorded, has seemed to solve the problem. That’s 2hrs of my life I can’t get back, not to mention all the content I had to view elsewhere or simply missed out on.

Hopefully, some programmer will read this and go “oh yeah, I forgot to clear that memory register on that last firmware update.” or whatever the answer is. Hope this helps someone.