Bug - Chomecast and switching to my other television

Has anyone ever experienced this behavior…?

I am in my living room watching live TV on tablo via Chomecast (using Android Tablo app on my phone). Say I am watching channel 36 and I started watching at 9PM. So at 10PM I get tired and decide to move to the bedroom TV so I stop Chomecast, turn off the TV, and move to the bedroom. I reopen the Tablo app on my phone and go to channel 36 which is still live so it’s showing what’s on TV at 10PM on my phone HOWEVER when I cast to my bedroom TV is starts at 9PM and I can’t get it back to live, it’s like Chromecast in the bedroom thinks 9PM is live. So the only option I have to watch live TV is to watch another channel which will show that new channel live. If I switch back to 36 is starts again right at that 9PM spot.

I have opened a ticket for a related issue. When I am watching a live channel through Roku on one TV, and then try to watch the same channel through chromecast (from android app) to another TV, it is always delayed. There is no way to get the live channel on the chromecast. I’ll provide an update of my ticket results.

Do you mean watching the same Live TV channel the Chromecast is behind a few seconds to the Roku?
In any case, you’re saying they’re not playing the same frames at the same times, right?

No, it is at least 30 minutes behind. Perhaps as much as an hour.

Whoa, I agree, that’s not good.

Yep, same exact thing here! I’ll be watching live on Chrome browser on my PC and when I go to cast it via Chromecast, it’ll go back to when I first opened the browser. No amount of fast-forwarding, changing channels to ‘flush’ the tuners or closing and reopening the browser will get it go live. If I stop casting, it immediately goes back to live but as soon as I choose a Chromecast again, the Tablo rewinds again to the point when I first tuned to that channel. Roku shows live no matter what. The only way to clear everything is to reboot the Tablo and begin that channel again.

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That’s the exact behavior dude. Super annoying. Essentially when I go to my other TV I have to watch a different channel unless I want to watch the same thing I was watching over from the beginning on the first TV.

Support found the bug causing the issue. No ETA on how long it will take to get fixed.

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Thanks for the update!

STILL not fixed…super annoying. Makes me not even use my Tablo.