Just got tablo set up last night. Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of buffering. Channel strength seems to be great with all 5 stars. Here is my set up:

Roku in bonus room upstairs.
Antenna in attic.
1 HD TV upstairs with roku stick
1 HD TV downstairs with roku stick
1 SDTV downstairs using roku 1
Router is downstairs

This means tablo is connected via wireless.

Any suggestions?

There is an issue with the Roku stick that tablo support has posted quite a bit on. Mainly its a Roku hardware issue in that its WiFi antenna is flaky to say the least. They don’t recommend using them if you can avoid it. When you say Roku 1 do you mean first gen Roku or the most recent rooks just 1 of the 1,2,3 modeling scheme they have? Reason I ask is that Tablo has posted Also that Roku generation 1 are mostly untested and not proven to work well. They are worming on it but no eta that I’ve seen. As for the Tablo via WiFi I know I saw someone else having this sort of issue but honestly I can’t remember what or if there was a resolution. Sorry. Hopefully someone else can chime in

My suggestion depending on the age of your home would be power line adapters…  I’ve had good luck with them in my home, and it’s possible that wiring your tablo to your router via power line would give you a better connection than wifi to wifi.

I second that idea.  I ordered a pair of these for my dad:


the throughput is amazing
easy to setup
even easier to use
streams 1080p hd from his plex server like a charm.
no dropped packets
no connection loses
no issues.

I third that. I actually use powerline adapters (have been for OTA delivery for about 3 years now).  This delivers my connection for my main TV setup from my office upstairs, to the family room downstairs.  It then hooks up to a switch to my roku three.  Works like a charm and i’ve never had issues.  Great picture too.

Guys, I appreciate your feedback. I honestly have never heard of power line adaptors. Let me add a couple other things. Last night I had a lot of buffering for about 10-15 minutes and then zero buffering for the next 30 minutes or so. This morning, I had buffering for first 5 min or so and then very little buffering over the next 20-30 min. Any additional thoughts?

Man that sounds like wonky wifi to a T… try those powerlines.  the grea thing about them is you can get 2 right and use that to connect the tablo to the network, then you can add 1 at a time and it will auto negotiate and connect back to the router where you will have one plugged in… its pretty slick and suprisingly effective.

Tablo Support is recommending me to move the tablo closer to the router.  I am going to try that this afternoon.

Something to try for sure.  I still stand by my 2nd of power line adapters :slight_smile:

Would these work?  http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-PA2010KIT-Powerline-Adapter-Starter/dp/B00AWRUIY4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1399560778&sr=8-2&keywords=powerline


Yeah they would but they are only a max of 200Mbps.  So theoretically the throughput should be more than enough, but honestly if i were you i wouldn’t go any lower than: 


Personally, I have these


The theoretical throughput is lower than the 500s for sure, btu I’m not sure the actual difference.  I really like these though since they preserve the plug. 

I was just about to post that.  My buddy that turned me on to this brand has those exact ones and said the same.  If you need to preserve the plug, its a must.

he has the posted 600Mbps ones though i think

Here what i have.  200mbps will do the trick, but i would shoot for 500 mbps for future planning sake


Update - I replaced the Roku Stick with a Roku 1.   I also moved the tablo closer to the router.   Good News - Both of these steps have stopped the buffering!   I appreciate all of your support.


Glad to hear it @wkufan92! We really wanted to love the Roku stick but it’s just too dicey as is. Roku 1, 2 and 3 are very solid though!