Buffering with roku 3920x

This roku gave terrible buffering even at low resolutions. Felt the wireless might not be able to keep up and went to a roku ultra with hard wired network. Total solution as now I run at the highest resolutions for both live and recording with no buffering ever. I might add that I do have a high speed fiber optic internet.


Direct ethernet works well, I’ve been set up that way for years with no issues.

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The Roku Premiere Model 3920 has only single band WiFi that is wireless N 2.4 GHz, which can sometimes not be the best for streaming via WiFi.

Especially in homes that can see many other wifi signals (apartments, condos, neighborhoods with smaller plots.) Every time one of my neighbors changed his wifi config, my Roku would start buffering. Finally got a Roku Ultra (with both high and low band wifi AND a wired connection.) Problem solved.

Funny thing was it only affected one Roku – in our main TV watching room, which has windows almost from the floor to the ceiling – which offered very limited shielding from our neighbors signals. This is similar to what many people see in high rise apartment buildings.