Buffering...Will a new router help?

So, just installed a Tablo quad. And playback and live TV are buffering. Knocked down the quality of live TV and still am getting some buffering (but less). I’ve yet to test a lower quality recording.

Tablo and Roku player are both connected WIFI. I’m fixin to run an ether cable for the Tablo (and a Roku player to be named later).

(Note that I can play movies via Plex thru the Roku and a laptop hosting Plex…both connected via WIFI)

But, my big question is this: my router is a bit older. Netgear AC1750 (R6400v2). Would a new router help the situation? I’d rather not deal with the hassle of running an ether cable, if a new router would do the trick.

My netgear router is older then that with lower WiFi capacity. To me it’s more about the WiFi between the tablo unit and the router. I’ve found that you have to use WiFi 5G.

But I did eliminate any lag by using powerline from my tablo(s) and the router. But I would expect that a well placed WiFi extender would also work and not involve the cost of a new router and any challenges that causes.

I would try running your Tablo without a hard drive before buying a new router. If Live TV plays fine (no buffering) then you could have a bad hard drive or cable (if USB).

Helpful. Thanks. It is pretty easy for me to run a new ether cable. Its a new house construction and I should have done it in the first place…but I got lazy.

If you search buffering on either or both you will find various answers to Tablo buffering issues